Hey, girls! Check out a collection of beauty ideas that you should try immediately:
– Make a hair dye at home from cheap ingredients: aloe vera gel with charcoal, flaxseed and hot water. This hair dye works perfectly if you are a blond girl but what to change your color and become a brunette
– Sometimes underarms become dark, and we are ready to help you with our DIY remedy made from activated charcoal and honey. This treatment will help you to lighten underarm skin in a short period of time
– Try the most popular mask for blackheads. This simple mask is made from two ingredients charcoal powder and PVA glue
– Check out creative ways to curl your hair-using a plastic bottle and plastic cup. Take an empty plastic bottle and cut a hole on the side of the water bottle and cut off the top of the bottle. Put a section of her long hair in an empty plastic water bottle and blow hair dryer around the hole
– Do you know how to get rid of piling? This is an annoying winter question especially when you find pilling on your favorite sweater. We have a genius lifehack! Glue utility knife blades to the comb to get rid of pilling
– Melt coconut oil and add a crayon to make a homemade lip gloss
Try this brilliant lifehack – master smokey-eyes with a spoon
– Correct uneven lipstick contour using foundation
– Use aspirin to combat pimples
– Cut your old t-shirt to make a headband
– Make eyeshadows at home: mix Vaseline, glitter and pigment. Microwave and pour into empty nail polish container
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00:09 Charcoal hair dye
01:29 Spoon for smokey-eyes
02:04 Armpit whitening with charcoal
04:48 Crazy ways to curl your hair
08:18 Aspirin for pimples
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